Teaching of students with limited possibilities of health

Grounds for teaching
As of 2006/07 academic year in compliance with a decision of the Government of Moscow a budget (free) program on teaching of persons with limited possibilities of health (LPH) has been realizing in the department of the distance learning on specialty “Psychology”.

Educational and methodical provisions
Students are provided with all materials (electronic text-books, video lecture-courses, video supplies, informational and reference materials) in an electronic form as well as with all necessary text-books and manuals in a print (paper) form on all educational disciplines.

Peculiarities of learning
Learning is carried out on the basis of academic plans by means of an electronic dean’s office. An education process is based on usage of Internet-technologies and grounded on students’ written test.

Arrangement of studies
Students may attend the evening auditorium classes purposefully arranged for them (lectures, seminars, practical studies, etc.) where teachers explain any complicated material as well as they may at their own accord attend lectures carried out for students of all forms of learning. For those students who are unable to attend studies there is arranged a transmission of lectures, seminars and group consultations with teachers via Internet on line. For students with LPH a great number of individual and group consultations, both auditorium and Internet-consultations, are carried out on all educational disciplines.

Passing of exams and credits
Passing of exams and credits is envisaged for students both in a full-time form and in a distance form via an electronic dean’s office (in case of impossibility to come to the University).

A practice of full value is arranged for students (educational-introductory, pedagogical, practical training, scientific-research and qualification practice). In the event of impossibility to attend places of an educational-introductory practice video materials on a psychologist’s work in various establishments are presented as well as Internet-transmissions of meetings between students and psychologists of such establishments (in case of an availability of such possibilities at places of practical trainings).

Job placement
On completion of learning the University assists in solving the matters on a job placement in educational institutions, consulting centers and other establishments.

Outside educational activity
Students of the department take an active part in an outside educational activity of the University and the department arranging meetings with interesting people, etc. Days of knowledge, parades of the students, New Year parties, celebrations of the 8th of March and 23rd of February are being organized for them.
An exhibition of works of budget students is opened at which their pictures, embroideries and goods made of plasticine, etc. are exposed.

In December, 2008 the “Doverie” (“Trust”) television channel showed 5 transmissions about learning of students with LPH in the department of the distance learning.
The program of the distance learning of our University, including learning of students with LPH, jointly with MIET, as a developer of an electronic dean’s office, has been nominated in 2009 to the contest of the Premium of President of the Russian Federation.